Sunday, November 25, 2007

Games over the holidays

Went to Katrina's house for a day trip Thursday, since she had to work the holiday. One of the big downsides to the Wii, in my opinion, is its hard to transport. Once you transport it, you have to hook up the sensor bar, resynchronize the controls....etc.

Just a big pain. I would've brought the PS3, but I decided instead to rely on my old standby, the Nintendo DS. I made some pass-through stabs at "Final Fantasy III." It's a good game, in theory, but I made some big mistakes when I started playing it the last time around. Suffice it to say that you can't undo anything when you've screwed yourself over that early in the game. So I'm taking a slow, methodical approach to job-building. But, of course, I can't really invest the time required to best a game like "FFIII" or "World of Warcraft." Other games demand my attention.

I got a copy of "The Simpson's" game for DS and its as I suspected: a competent, irreverent romp through one of my favorite TV realities. I am still hankering for "Assassin's Creed" and may break down and buy the thing before its all said and done.

"Mario Galaxy" owns my soul. I may have given it a not-perfect rating, but the reasoning seems intact. The Wii, given its low-availability and high expectations, deserves a harsher standard of criticism. We, frankly, expect much more from the innovation of Nintendo than we do from the water-treading of Sony or Microsoft. Just the curse of the blessing of success.

I beat one of the hardest Bowser levels I've ever played in my life today. It was just amazing.

Of course, when things get stale, there's always my old "Mario Kart DS" standby- until "Mario Kart Wii" comes out.

This year I was finally able to get my brother something he wanted for Christmas. When I brought my PS3 home last time around, my bro (who played college ball) played "MLB 2007 The Show" and developed a massive craving. When he found out he could play the thing online for free, there was very little to stop him from getting one. So my parents, being the kind-hearted souls they are, bought the PS3 and he's rented the MLB game ever since. Normally, Christmas shopping for my brother who has everything is the equivalent to pouring money down a drain. But I finally got my chance to get him a present I know he'll actually appreciate and use. And, oddly enough, its a way better feeling than getting something I so dearly want. (I actually can't think of a thing I dearly want, to be honest. Got a wonderful fiance, a good job, a Wii, DS and PS3. And until Alabama can beat Auburn, that pretty much covers it.)

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