Friday, October 12, 2007

What's going on in Mainstream comics

Yeah, I know this doesn't relate to video games, computers, or electronics, and there are no buttons to be pushed when reading a comic book.
Still, this is good stuff.
You might have read and/or heard that back in March, Marvel Comics killed off the original Captain America, Steve Rogers. This seemed to upset some people (including some dude named Colbert) but it was very well done. Since then, "Captain America" the comic has continued running strong, even without its title character.
Well, Marvel has announced the in the January issue of "Captain America" the Marvel Universe gets itself a new Cap. No, Steve Rogers is not coming back from the dead. Someone else will take up the mantle, and he won't be your grandfather's Captain America. This one carries a firearm.
Meanwhile, over in DC Comics, the biggest thing going on that's worth reading is the "Sinestro Corps War", which is being done through the "Green Lantern" title. For those who don't remember Sinestro, he was the Hal Jordan-Green Lantern's main rival. He had an energy ring, cept it made yellow figures, which the Green Lantern's ring could affect (his ring didn't work on yellow objects). Well, having "killed" this character and bringing him back to life, DC has had him unite vairous villians you've probably never heard of and wage war on all the Green Lanterns across the universe. The conflict is finally spilling onto Earth, and should heat up considerably as Earth's mightiest heroes fend off the ring-wearing army.

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