Thursday, October 4, 2007

Twing Twang

Been playing "Heavenly Sword" with photographer Kevin Qualls for the last couple of nights. Between us we've gotten through roughly half of the game. Not too shabby. Kevin and I trade off- I play sword-wielding Nariko and he plays the arrow shooting Kai.

I think its difficult to overstate what a stunning a achievement this is for Sony. I don't know if this game is the only good reason to own a PS3, but its certainly one of them. I'm digging the motion-sensitive controls and the refined beauty of the graphics. The plot is good, a little over-the-top in places, but its not unforgiveable.

This game is remarkably well-executed. But my favorite character is Kai. She's the perfect foil for Nariko and she reminds me a bit of Bjork.

The kitty hat ain't bad either.

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