Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Top 10 Horror games ever

For those of you that like the Horror game genre, I found this list on (And, for the record, I have no idea who Seth is.)

Top 10 Survival Horror Games EVER!
A Listmania! list by Seth

1. "Fatal Frame by Tecmo"
Seth says:
"Based on a True story, one of the things that makes this game TRULY Scary, Xbox version is just as good."

2. "Fatal Frame 2 by Tecmo"
Seth says:
"Sequal to the first but second to none, storyline of this game will have you playing this game with the lights on during the day with a friend by your side."

3. "Silent Hill"
Seth says:
"The first in an extremely well-designed series about a town full of mystery, truly frightening."

4. "Silent Hill 2 by Konami"
Seth says:
"The second in the series but just as scary."

5. "Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams by SVG Distribution" Seth says:
"The is the same thing as the PS2 version but it contains more storyline, definite pick if story is your thing"

6. "Silent Hill 3 by Konami"
Seth says:
"3rd in the series and STILL scary, more of an extenson of the first one it is a must buy for survival horror fans."

7. "Clock Tower"
Seth says:
"If your a TRUE Horror/Survival fan then you have to have this."

8. "Clock Tower II (2): The Struggle Within by agetec" Seth says:
"A Survival/Horror fan would simply drool over this."

9. "Clock Tower 3 by Capcom USA" Seth says:
"Third of the series it is great for action fans of Survival/Horror"

10. "Onimusha 2 by Capcom USA"
Seth says:
"Ancient Japan, Demons, a War, enough said."

Me personally? I'm gonna hit up the Boo's Mansion level on "Mario Party 8."

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