Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Save your TV...with silicon!

Thankfully, I've yet to bust my TV with my Wii-Mote, but I've also not gone ballistic at a game yet. That's either a testament to my excellent talents, or the easy games I play. I'm voting "A".
Help is on the way, though. Here's the article:
"Is your beloved Wii Remote still flying out of your hand and hitting innocent bystanders in the head (or worse, smashing your beloved plasma)? If so, help is on the way—in the form of a free silicone cover, courtesy of Nintendo.
Kotaku is reporting that Nintendo will start giving away the new Wii Remote Jacket, which the gaming giant describes as a "cushiony shield" for "people who might accidentally throw or drop their Wii Remotes while playing games," starting on October 15; the cover will also start shipping with all new Wii consoles. The translucent cover looks pretty cool, at least from the pictures, although we'll have to wait and see whether it interferes with, say, Wii Bowling in any way."
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