Sunday, September 16, 2007

Working, but still having a little fun

Whenever I have a larger, Sunday centerpiece story due, I always give myself a little extra time by coming to the office, sorting through my pile of notes and making some early attempts at a first draft. I enjoy being here when everything is a bit less hectic. I find it helps my writing process more than writing at home, because I don't have tempting distractions like the PlayStation 3 or "World of Warcraft."

But whenever I get get writer's block on a big story like this, I have a secret weapon. "Big Brain Academy" for Nintendo's DS lite is good for a five minute break with its menu of brain-teaser games. It helps to get my mind onto something else for a moment so when I return to the subject at hand, I have a bit of a refreshed perspective.

It helps make these extra-curricular work days feel like college...if only for a Sunday afternoon.

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