Sunday, September 23, 2007

Three new Kingdom Hearts titles

I keep getting wind of more and more Kingdom Hearts news. Exciting! Three new titles have been announced: Kingdom Hearts Coded, 358/2 Days and Birth By Sleep. Coded is unfortunately a game that most Americans won't get a chance to play, as it is yet another cell phone game in the works. Cell phone games are increasingly popular in Japan and I don't see that trend catching on here anytime soon, so that makes me sad. :(

However, 358/2 Days is being released on the Nintendo DS and Birth By Sleep for the PSP. I have no doubts that those will make it over here since KH is insanely popular in the U.S. But I still have my fingers crossed.

Very excited for the things I've heard about 358/2 Days! You will be following Roxas's adventures this time and I'm still really confused on the exact time frames - something about the number of days Sora was asleep and then the number of days before Roxas's story starts - anyway, the Organization XIII will be involved as well! I'm hoping we get to see Roxas's point-of-view while working within the Organization and all that. Yay!

Here is the Birth By Sleep trailer - some people might recognize it from the end of the KH: Final Mix+ game, the one where everyone thought it was more KH3 for the PS3 teasers. (I'm still anxious to see what will come of a Kingdom Hearts + PlayStation 3 marriage ...)

Now I'm going to have to grow some money for a PSP. Curse you gadgets! @__@

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