Friday, September 28, 2007

Something I love

If you've got lots of time to kill at work, enjoy flash animation done really well, have an appreciation for absurd humor, or just like cartoons, is the place for you.

The site revolves around a group of characters best described as "too weird for children's television, but appropriate for all ages."

The main character, in my opinion, is Strong Bad. You'll wanna check out his emails, which are the most often updated thing on the site. Among the ones that are must-see are "Dragon", "Virus", "Army", "4 Branches", "Garage Sale", "Animal", "Caffeine", "Kids' Book" and "Caper".

There are some duds, but for the most part it should have you giggling.

In the "Toons" and "Shorts" menu, look up the Cheat Commandos for superb G.I. Joes parody, and enjoy the "Teen Girl Squad".

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