Saturday, September 29, 2007

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‘Halo 3’ — is it worth the hype?

This week, I’m guzzling my special-edition “Halo 3” Mountain Dew and taking it easy. I know some local folks who have a better perspective on this “Halo 3” madness than me.

Chad George, in addition to being the general manager of Oxford’s International House of Pancakes, knows his video games. Robert Evans keeps his own “Halo” blog.

Here’s what they had to say:

Robert Evans: For the conclusion to an epic story such as “Halo’s,” the campaign of “Halo 3” was relatively short. Skilled players can run through the entire nine-level multiplayer experience on Legendary (the hardest setting in the game) in about seven hours. The story is immersive and is a great conclusion to the “Halo” trilogy. However, many storylines from the second games were completely forgotten in the final title.

The real fun begins when you play “Halo 3” on multiplayer mode with friends in your house, on your block or anywhere around the world.

Two of the coolest new features in “Halo 3” are “forge,” a limited multiplayer map editor, and the “theater.” Forge allows players to edit elements of multiplayer maps, such as weapon placement, and save their new creations to share with other players.

The “theater” is a feature that allows players to watch videos of their latest multiplayer and campaign games, take screenshots of the action to save to their computers in high definition or capture clips to share with their friends over Xbox Live.

Chad George: I am not a “Halo” fan. I thought the first game was amazing. It raised the bar for all future first-person shooters by letting gamers play against a computer-controlled enemy that actually “thought.” The sequel had one of the best multiplayer components to date. The final chapter is simply a prettied up version of those two combined.

Don’t get me wrong; the graphics are absolutely amazing. The sheer number of game variations makes this an online game to have. But at the end of the day, “Halo 3” is the same run-and-gun game it has always been. In the end, all you have to remember to win the game is: Don’t run out of bullets.

“Halo 3” doesn’t do anything new, but it is very pretty. “Halo 3” is a must-have if you enjoy online gaming. Other than that, I would probably rent it.

I hate zombies

First of all, they’re undead, which makes them hard to kill. Secondly, they appear out of nowhere demanding my delicious “braaiiins.”

“Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition” is a great game, simply because I get to shoot these things in the head. Lots of people give video games grief for their graphic depictions of violence, and there’s certainly a buffet of gore in this game, true. But if you can think of a less bloody way to dispose of zombies, I’d like to hear it. I say shoot them all. With the Wii mote, that is.

“Resident Evil” gets four buttons out of five.

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