Friday, September 14, 2007

Random thoughts to start my morning

I picked up my edition of Gamepro this morning and it contains a feature on the upcoming "Grand Theft Auto IV." You can pre-order copies from developer Rockstar here.

I have fond memories of playing in the sandbox of "GTA: III" and "GTA San Andreas." I particularly enjoyed breaking out the often hilarious cheat codes, like the one where all of the pedestrians become ninjas or where you get a super-powered arsenal. Then it was time to wreak havoc.

I am contemplating the purchase of a PlayStation 3. I know what you're thinking, "No way I'd pay $600 for that." And you're right. But I'm actually contemplating a very sweet deal from a friend. It would mean one more gaming console in front of my television set, but the PS3 is so shiny- and, lets be fair, it has a better handle on shoot-em up, action games than the Wii and has its head in the right place on the use of the Internet. (The Wii's "friend code" garbage doesn't do it for me.)

So I'll put it to whoever reads this column. Should I buy a PS3 for a ridiculously discounted price? Let me know what you think. The poll is on the right side of the blog.

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