Sunday, September 9, 2007

It pays to have lvl 70 WoW friends

I'm kind of falling asleep at my desk. Hrmmm, I wonder if it has anything to do with playing World of Warcraft until 5 a.m. this morning? -_-

Because of an unfortunate overtime football game, the night owls here at The Star didn't finish up until 2 a.m., so when I got home I was a little reluctant to plop myself back down in front of a computer screen.

But WoW has a way of beckoning you in and I was sitting there thinking to myself "Oh, I can just finish up one quest real quick like and then go to bed..."

Upon logging in I saw that a friend of mine, the very same friend who urged us to try WoW again, was online so I sent him a message just to say hello. He responded with an invite to this city, which I think is a central hub on our server, and a promise of treasure. Treasure! Okay, sounded good to me. (My friend is a level 70 warlock and has been hooking us up since we started. Am I cheating? It sure is saving me a lot of time ...)

So I meet up with him and he leads me to this dungeon where some pretty scary creatures apparently drop some good items at my level (currently 13). I get instructions to follow him in, stay back, don't hit anything and loot like crazy when the beasties are dead. On top of getting some cool stuff, I also got experience points for everything he killed! :D

Not gonna lie, I'm anxious to get to high levels and I want to do it as fast as possible because these FedEx quests are getting boring and I'm sick of getting my butt kicked by centaurs (current quest I'm on - very annoying, those centaurs).

Yep, WoW is fun. Yes, addicting. I'll continue to chronicle my feelings on the game and whether or not Dan and I decide to invest in the $40 expansion pack in a couple of weeks.

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