Thursday, September 27, 2007

I have a Roxas t-shirt

I don't know a thing about "Halo 3" but I do have more Kingdom Hearts babble! :)

A friend of mine designed these really awesome Organization XIII-themed t-shirts and I finally got my hands on one. This one is a Roxas shirt!

The front

The back

Totally not nerdy in the least, nope! ;)


Anonymous said...

*gasp* I'm jealous. I wanna Zexion or Demyx one... :-(

Katrina said...

I think the girl who made these has actually made Demyx shirts! Here is her profile with the can contact her through there.

Ashie said...

I HAVE THAT SAME SHIRT! <3333 I got it at anime boston! (and then lost my wallet x'D -fail-)