Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Con Story

I spent some time today talking to representatives of all three host hotels for Dragon Con; the guy at the Mariott Marquis was really helpful and gave me some good information, which I am now digesting and compressing into column form.

What have I learned so far? Attendance was definitely up, which is not a big surprise to anyone who was there. The woman at Atlanta Police Department press office told me the convention was no more unusual than any major convention held in downtown Atlanta- except for all of the people dressed up as Storm Troopers, that is.

I have not had any luck getting in touch with the Fire Marshall on the situation at the Hyatt but I put in a couple of calls. I also thank those of you who were on staff who took the time to respond to my questions.

That's about it on the story development side. I'll have a more coherent thought on the con-wrap up story later as I look through and organize my notes- Now I have to take John Dietrich to Apple-Bee's for a birthday toast.

One quick note: World of Warcraft now owns my soul.... in thirty minute intervals.

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