Monday, September 3, 2007

76th has a bash

As with any weekend-long festival (which for many fans is like Christmas, Independence Day, and Halloween rolled into one), Dragon*Con invites more supplementary partying. In this case, Tom Millington, a.k.a. Tristan, founding member of the 76th Independent Battilion had his post-con shindig here in Anniston.

They were all members of the 76th Independent Batillion, a group of browncoats i.e., fans of the show, Firefly.

There were two guys there from Scotland and one from Canada, that I knew or met. Tristan says there are people in his group from South Africa and Australia as well.

Oh, and these guys, the Bedlam Bards. They were there singing songs from a CD inspired by the show and movie.

And these guys all had air-soft guns, which are like little b-b guns that shoot plastic bullets. They were running all over the house shooting each other and eating dumplings. It may not make much sense to the casual observer, but if you were there and you liked Firefly it made you smile.

The You Tube video really doesn't do the Bedlam Bards justice.


Rick said...

I was really surprised to see how large the 76th was! I think the fandom is a lot larger than we know. Thanks for the report.

Capt. Zephyr said...

Larger than you may suspect, in fact. The folk we had marching were actually only less than 20% of the Battalion. :)

The Shindig really was a hoot. A good time was had by all.

Dan Whisenhunt said...

Yeah, that was one of the coolest parties I've ever been to. Can't wait to see you guys in costume again next year.