Thursday, August 30, 2007

PC World reports 60GB PS3s at an End has this item up:

"Sony: All Remaining 60GB PS3s are on Store Shelves
Sony has confirmed that its own supply of 60GB PlayStation 3s is at an end -- the only ones left remain in retail inventory.Part 1 of a special five-part series. ",136535-c,gameconsoles/article.html

I wrote about this a few columns back:

Sony’s latest snafu
So I’m reading my latest edition of GamePro when I notice a personal profile titled “The Toughest Job in Video Games.”
That job, says GamePro, belongs to Dave Karraker, Sony’s senior director for corporate communications, which is a fancy way of saying the guy who talks to reporters.
In light of the withering criticism after Sony’s PlayStation 3 launch, GamePro’s assessment of Karraker’s gig is pretty accurate. But Karraker, quick to blame the media for Sony’s troubles in his interview with GamePro, isn’t fully acknowledging Sony’s role in creating its own bad press.
Case in point: Sony is now touting a PS3 price drop of $100, making the console $499 instead of $599. For some, this seemed like an epiphany of common sense, something good for Sony’s marketing strategy. However, those suspicious of Sony’s announcement dug a little deeper. According to gaming Web site, the price drop is for the 60-gigabyte PS3 only. The catch? Sony may eventually stop producing this model and will continue to produce the 80-gigabyte version, priced at the usual $599, says Joystiq.
Is Sony’s PS3 price drop announcement a tad disingenuous? The writers over at Joystiq think so. Karraker wrote on his PS3 blog that there would be ample supplies of the 60-gigabyte model. But conflicting statements from company officials on the price drop only added to the confusion.
Some people were annoyed at Sony. Perhaps none more annoyed than Karraker, who has the ignoble task of spraying perfume on the latest rotten egg laid by his company.
If the picture in his GamePro interview is any indication, he’s enduring it all with a smile so wide it looks like half his head is about to fall off. That’s why Sony pays him the big money.

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