Thursday, August 30, 2007

Gaia Online's first Summer Festival

Gaia is throwing its first ever Summer Festival! And okay, I don't know many other people my age who play this online game, but it can really be quite addicting. My hubby-to-be absolutely hates it so I thought I would rattle off a few thoughts about the current storyline here.

Right now a battle is being waged against the four towns in the Gaia world: Barton, Isle de Gambino, Aekea and Durem. Not just any battle mind you ... a water balloon fight! Durem is currently kicking everyone's rear. Of course, each Gaian had to choose a team without looking at the stats first, so I decided to go with Isle de Gambino. Bad choice as we are currently in dead last.

The overall winning team gets an exclusive "item" but everyone can also earn other items by hitting opposing team members with water balloons. Every five hits gets you something, up to fifty hits. At fifty, you max out your "Drench-O-Meter" and get a really sweet squirt gun, as my character can be seen modeling below.

Yes, I do love my squirt gun. :)

The battle will go on for a week before they finally declare a winner. Who knows, maybe Team Gambino will make a dramatic comeback?

Unfortunately, I'll have to cease my battling for the weekend, as I will be submersing myself in the geekdom that is Dragon*Con. So if anyone decides to join Gaia and jump into the battle, go for the underdog! Team Gambino could use some help.

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