Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

A couple of days ago I came across the "final trailer" for the upcoming PSP game, Crisis Core. It's technically a prequel to Final Fantasy VII and just another game they have in the works related to their most famous Final Fantasy ever. Prequels, sequels and the like usually make me groan, but I have gotten wrapped up in the excitement of the FFVII spin-offs. I absolutely LOVE FFVII. It was the first video game RPG that I picked up and was immediately swept up into the storyline, the characters, everything. And that was all in ancient graphics! (Keep in mind I didn't play the game until 2006...late bloomer in gaming.)

So watching the new trailer for Crisis Core, I was enthralled with the pretty graphics, Zack in all his SOLDIER glory, the new character Genesis (who I am pretty sure is physically based off Japanese singer, Gackt) and the game play looks awesome!

There is also a subtitled version available on youtube and you can find that here.

Of course, all the U.S. fans are jumping the gun as an American release date for Crisis Core has yet to be announced (the current rumor appears to be Spring 2008) but I do feel confident that they will release the game here eventually. It hits stores in Japan on September 13, 2007.

Official Crisis Core website (Japanese)


Anonymous said...

I saw on the gamestop site that crisis core final fantasy VII is going to be relesed on the 1st of march

Dan Whisenhunt said...

Trina will be glad to know that.